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Our Professional Document Design service is designed to transform your content into visually captivating and professionally crafted documents. Whether you need a stunning company presentation or a polished report, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Key Features:

  • 1 Cover Design Concept: We begin the design process by creating a captivating cover design concept that reflects the essence of your document. This concept will be tailored to your brand identity and convey the desired message effectively.

  • Full-Colour Document: We understand the importance of vibrant and visually appealing documents. With our service, you can expect a full-colour design that grabs attention and enhances the readability and overall impact of your content.

  • Custom-Branded Graphics and Elements: Our designers will incorporate custom-branded graphics and elements throughout your document to create a cohesive and professional look. These elements will be carefully chosen to complement your brand and add visual interest to your content.

  • 2 Revisions: We value your satisfaction and provide two rounds of revisions to ensure that the final design meets your expectations. Your feedback is crucial, and we encourage collaboration to achieve the desired outcome.

  • PDF Print Ready File: Upon completion, we will deliver a high-quality PDF file that is ready for printing. This ensures that your document retains its visual integrity and professional appearance when reproduced in physical format.

  • Source File Not Included: Please note that the source file is not included in this service. However, you will receive a print-ready PDF file, which can be easily shared and printed.

  • Document Copy Not Included: To create your document, we require you to provide the written content. Please ensure that you provide us with the finalized and edited copy, as we do not offer copywriting or editing as part of this service

  • Provide Your Own Images or Use Our Selected Stock Images: You have the option to provide your own images that align with your brand or project. Alternatively, we can select suitable stock images for your document design. Our designers will ensure that the images chosen enhance the overall visual appeal and message of your document.

  • 7-10 Days Delivery: We value efficiency without compromising quality. You can expect to receive your completed document design within 10 days of providing all the necessary materials and specifications.

Elevate your written content with our Professional Document Design service. Let us transform your ideas into visually captivating documents that leave a lasting impression.

Professional Document Design - Letter Size

PriceFrom C$75.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • To work our magic and create a design that's uniquely yours, we need a little help from you. Don't worry; it's super easy! Here's how you can share all the key ingredients we need for your spectacular design:

    1. Gather Your Goodies: Gather any pertinent information, graphics, images, logos, and copy you'd like to include in your design. Whether it's a snazzy slogan, a collection of captivating pictures, or your fantastic company details – we want it all!
    2. Send It Our Way: Once you've got everything in one place, simply zip it up into a neat folder (metaphorically speaking) and upload it through our user-friendly Members CLIENT PORTAL. Click, swoosh, and voilà – your ideas will be whisked away to our talented designers!

    Hassle-Free Process: Don't worry about complicated tech stuff; we've made it as easy as pie. Our platform ensures that your files are securely uploaded, so you can focus on the fun part – envisioning your jaw-dropping design.

    We're Here to Help: Got any questions or need assistance? Be sure to email us at or send up a message through the chat. We're here to lend a hand, guiding you through the process!

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