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Welcome to our exquisite Brochure Design service, where creativity meets precision, and your brand's story unfolds with captivating elegance! 

Here's what our service includes:


  • 1 Design Concept: Our expert designers will craft a unique and eye-catching concept that perfectly captures the essence of your business. Get ready to be amazed by the creative brilliance we bring to the table!
  • 2 Revisions: Your satisfaction is our top priority! We offer two rounds of revisions to ensure that every detail is just the way you envision it. We won't stop until you're thrilled with the final result!
  • PDF Print-Ready File: Quality matters, and we know it! Your brochure will be delivered in a high-resolution, print-ready PDF format, ensuring that the colours pop and the graphics look flawless on paper.
  • Final File Sizes: Choose from the popular 8.5" X 11" or 8.5” X 14” sizes, depending on what suits your business needs best. Your brochure will be crafted to perfection, ensuring every inch is utilized effectively.
  • Double-Sided Magic: Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Our brochure design is double-sided, maximizing space to deliver your message with impact!
  • Lightning-Fast Turnaround: We understand time is of the essence, which is why we promise to deliver your masterpiece within 7 business days. Fast, efficient, and fantastic.

Let us take your brand to new heights with our exceptional brochure design service. Get ready to dazzle your clients and stand out from the competition.

Brochure Design - Unfold Your Business Potential!

Excluding Sales Tax
  • To work our magic and create a design that's uniquely yours, we need a little help from you. Don't worry; it's super easy! Here's how you can share all the key ingredients we need for your spectacular design:

    1. Gather Your Goodies: Gather any pertinent information, graphics, images, logos, and copy you'd like to include in your design. Whether it's a snazzy slogan, a collection of captivating pictures, or your fantastic company details – we want it all!
    2. Send It Our Way: Once you've got everything in one place, simply zip it up into a neat folder (metaphorically speaking) and upload it through our user-friendly Members CLIENT PORTAL. Click, swoosh, and voilà – your ideas will be whisked away to our talented designers!

    Hassle-Free Process: Don't worry about complicated tech stuff; we've made it as easy as pie. Our platform ensures that your files are securely uploaded, so you can focus on the fun part – envisioning your jaw-dropping design.

    We're Here to Help: Got any questions or need assistance? Be sure to email us at or send up a message through the chat. We're here to lend a hand, guiding you through the process!

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